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Hey people

2012-04-29 07:27:53 by MrRotKip

I have news:
First of all, I am unbanned.
Second of all, I have done an improvisation to art of Johannek. I won't upload it here because I have said I won't upload on Newgrounds again, but If you want to see it, it's on youtube - only a low-quality version (360p, mono). WATCH it.

I Have been banned

2012-04-21 15:21:05 by MrRotKip

From the audio forum, for attempting to advertise something.
I want to say, that was absolutely NOT the intention. I wanted to know what the people think of music, so I could post only music that they like, instead of what I like - and I posted two of my songs to illustrate that.
I guess the audio listeners of Newgrounds do not really listen to the originality of pieces. So, I won't upload much on this portal anymore.
I say again, I did NOT mean to advertise. I am not someone who seeks sneaky ways of doing things that are forbidden on Newgrounds (for people who think I am telling bullshit, I have a form of autism which makes me incapable of sneaky things, sarcasm, or saying things I don't really mean.)
Anyway, I won't do much on Newgrounds anymore because I think it doesn't really suit me. I hope - actually I know for sure - nobody will miss me.
Damn, now I am whining and crying like a little girl. Goddamned, I never try to whine or cry here. Just posting this. I was looking for a way to delete the thread before getting banned, but that was impossible.

Newgrounds Ad

2011-11-30 14:34:14 by MrRotKip

A Flash advert with my music in it is in the portal! HERE it is!

Second Flash animation

2011-08-28 05:50:33 by MrRotKip

Our Second Flash animation is HERE!
you can see it HERE!!!

Second Flash Animation

2011-08-26 03:11:09 by MrRotKip

A time ago, i made an animation together with NickNicolau.
It was an enormous succes, and rated the great score of 2.03!
well, the second one is yet to come! it will be longer, more detailed, and simply Better!